>>> Conceptual Interior Design projects:

*Living Space - design of an apartment living space _Riga (Latvia)_2010

Conceptual interior design project made for participation in design contests.

Task: design & organize open space, space should be divided in cooking, eating and relax zone.

Clients: couple, french bulldog & Cadillac. "Clients" are passionate about cooking.

My design:

First off all searching the inspiration, I took bulldog and Cadillac as keywords. Bulldog in my eyes represents France, Louvre, Art, fashion, chat, fun; while Cadillac - American dream, serenity, comfort, style & luxury.

Taking both inspiration I came out with idea to create comfortable and quite interior mixed with some accents, that would give unique touch. I decided to leave open space visibly undivided to emphasize "integrity" concept. The kitchen - central element, so called "Cadillac" in this particular space is combined with eating area, the key moment: in that way while cooking you can have conversation, and if your friends came for a visit, they might participate in the process of preparing food. The whole space is mainly design to support communication, all elements are located in the center - heart of the space.