Multi Functional Bar / Мути-функциональный бар

Year 2011 Riga/ Год 2011 Рига

Mini Bar - design of a bar furniture unit.

Дизайн мини бара, мебели, которая имела бы мойку, смеситель, винный шкаф, холодильник с морозилкой и место для стаканов. В тоже время данная мебель должна была полностью сливаться с остальной мебелью в кабинете.

MINI BAR - unit designed to correspond to the needs of special client.

It was necessary to design a bar for a living area, that would be an unique element in the space. Element that would be minimalistic and simple, but would contain functions: like possibility to locate wine, cooling storage for drinks, storage for glasses and accessories as well as would have washing function.

Basically it is a small kitchen, that contains 3 unites: small refrigerator with ice maker, wine cellar, and unit with built in sink; while above you have a sliding unite with shelves for glasses and built in plasma.

The only difference to a kitchen, it is done in a delicate way.